About Wizard Models

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System Status 30th July 2017

This website is now closed.

Instead, use the new Wizard Models website at www.wizardmodels.ltd.

We have based this on your IP Address of ( If is incorrect then please select the correct country here to determine which country & postal rates you want to use.
Based on this we will display VAT inclusive prices throughout this site. If you are VAT registered please contact Wizard Models and we will arrange a VAT invoice. Our VAT Number is GB 911 3584 42

Wizard Models has an associate company manufacturing a range of white metal and etched brass kits. These are sold under the name of 51L and Chowbent 4mm respectively. Full details of these products can be found on the 51L Website..

Full details of the Model Signals products can be found here.

Full details of the Comet Models range can be found here.